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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for another all-new edition of "right this minute"! a crazed suspect just won't go down. even when cops pull out the heavy firepower. >> oh, whoa, i heard some gunshots there. >> he fired at the guy. >> yeah. see how a delivery truck may have saved the day. they're pretty good at coloring inside the lines.
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meet two 8-year-olds doing their first -- tattoo? >> some of the biggest losers in "people" magazine do it but will zumba help you shed the holiday pounds? >> people think wow, i love this. what do you do if you're a mom that can't afford rent? >> you turn a shipping container into your home. >> see the results of a good idea and a lot of hard work. and most drivers couldn't do this if they tried. how one woman managed to take out 11 cars in a parking lot. all right, you guys, it's time to get today's show started. and nick has our first story for us. >> cops have to make life-and-death decisions in a split-second. this dash cam video shows us how quickly things can go wrong this is from dearborn, michigan, police are chasing hassan bazi. this police car is on its way to the scene where another officer has pulled bazi over. as the police car approaches,
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you'll see another officer standing in the middle of the street, trying to get the suspect to get out of the car. [ sirens ] [ gunshots ] >> you hear some gunshot there is. >> he fired at the guy? >> you hear the officer shoot five times. those bullets missed bazi and after a short pursuit it appears that a dhl delivery truck intentionally gets into the path of a speeding car and cause it is to crash. >> what's all the debris in the roadway. >> the car and delivery truck. bazi is not fazed, he gets out of the car and runs off on foot. but it apprehended moments later. bazi has a history of mental illness and apparently was not on his medication. we just wrapped up the holiday season.
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if you think your holiday travel was really bad, getting place to place, well, get a load of this video. this is in la paz, bolivia. the capital city of bolivia. you see a bus carrying passengers trying to navigate a really, really narrow road. and you can see the road is on a hillside. and look at the surface. this is loose gravel. >> not even paved. >> yes, not paved at all. we're talking about dirt and it's not very wide. now this area is a dangerous area to travel in la paz, bolivia. sometimes referred to as e camino de la muerta, which means the road of death. we would like to think this is common, because they don't have miles and miles of roads that we've been accustomed to. if you have to get someplace, you have to use these mountain roads, which frequently get washed out. >> oh!
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[ screams ] >> oh! >> all of a sudden, the camera comes back up and the bus is completely gone. >> no! >> it fell more than 160 feet down into this ravine. you can actually hear people screaming and you can hear people reacting to the bus falling. and you see all of these people, fortunately, these people are the 50 passengers who were taken off the bus. he tried to navigate this very small roadway, unfortunately the driver on the bus did pass away. in the accident. as you can imagine, he fell 160 feet. according to the guy who uploaded the video, the back left wheel was sort of hanging over the edge as the guy was trying to make his way down and then eventually that just was too much. >> really admirable that the bus driver had the forethought and the foresight to get his passengers off the bus before he
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attempted this curve. >> it's estimated that there are 200 to 3 00 deaths per year on this road. in this area. violence continues in the middle east. right now i'm going to take you to bahrain. in this video you can see some youths running with lit molotov cocktails. and they're throwing them over a fence on to a police vehicle. >> whoa. >> here's another video. reportedly posted by the group behind some of these attacks. this happened on friday, and this is reportedly from a group of jihadist youth who are trying to propel bahrain into a state of lawlessness. and public disorder. all of these attacks were on police forces, and the jihadist youth say this is a message to police forces, saying you will not cross into our village again. you see a molotov cocktail hit the windshield of a police
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vehicle while the police are trying to get away. and some of these cars are driving away from the youth on fire. so the general director of crime detection and forensic science in bahrain says that arrests were made on saturday and people were questioned about this incident and they will appear before the public prosecution to face their charges. >> i'm shocked at the restraint the police showed. they obviously had guns and could have stood their ground. i'm surprised that things didn't get uglier than they did. >> i think because of the way the police handled the situation, you can see in lot of videos and images, police fleeing the scene. no police were injured or killed in the incident. the only thing that really happened was the damage to property and the police vehicles. there's three huge fires burning through the torres
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national park in chile. and this video was taken on an evacuation bus. and it's also been sped up. about 90 square miles have been burned as of monday. one 75-year-old man has died because he refused to leave when they asked people to evacuate the area. the high winds have not allowed helicopters to get to the area, so only the 750 firefighters that were on the ground already are the only ones fighting that fire. this is a tourist site which is going to affect about 150,000 tourists that will not be able to come to this area. but there are some residents in the area that have been evacuated. there are over 100 homes that have already burned in that area. >> so summertime down there now. how is the heat affecting the fire? >> they did have a drought and they are having a nationwide heat wave. which is promoting the fire. over the weekend the entire country of chile was
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experiencing 48 different fires. video that shows why this guy probably won't get a safe driver's discount. see how some incredible artwork is made. just by -- >> using layers of tape. >> that's tape? and, why philadelphia looked more like the city of unbrotherly love this weekend.
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> lce ck the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. you're looking out the front of a car parked at a light. the light is about to change, the car starts to take off -- nothing special, really. then, the traffic starts to narrow down, you see the right lane start to move over into the
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left lane. things start to get a little bottle-necked. and the car we're riding in speeds up. and whoa, whoa! [ crash ] >> the car we're riding in, i have no idea what he was trying to do. but he nearly misses this car that's trying to get off to the right. and then -- crashes. >> oh, man. >> headlong into the other car. >> and was the car like making a right turn across the lane? >> he was making a right turn from the center lane. but you're not supposed to pass in the right lane. >> no. they always tell you, don't pass on the right. remember when you were a kid and you got your crackerjacks and inside there was a temporary tattoo? imagine putting one on your dad. wait, imagine putting a real tattoo on your dad. >> what? >> let me introduce you to these twins, they live in tucson,
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arizona with their dad. their dad runs the staring without caring tattoo shop. late december, he decided to let his twins give him a real tattoo. >> all i can think of is when i was a kid, i had a hard time staying in the lines. >> listen to some of the action here. >> he did it on his ankle, that's the hardest part i hear, because it's all boney. >> i think i know why they're putting it on the ankle. it seems like every other inch of his body is covered. that's the only space that was left. >> oh. >> it's a skull. >> it is a skull and look at this -- he looks a little more reluctant to do this procedure with dad. >> it's kind of cool. a lot of people get tattoos of their kids or their kids' names. but you don't normally have a tattoo by your kids. >> that's a brave dad to let your two kids -- give you a tattoo? you've got one of those on the shoulder, right? >> it's on my butt cheek. >> i didn't know that. >> beth did.
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[ laughter ] >> just trying to make it interesting. >> i wonder how he's going to feel when they come home their first tat. >> especially if they did it they sneak in that their dad's tattoo shop, and they'll tat up each other. >> they'll tat up their friends and imagine that discussion. "people" magazine is out with their current issue of how they did it, half their size. stories of people who lost half their body weight. in 20 11. and of course, how they did it. here are some of the amazing before and after pictures. some of the people featured. wendy mcconky started at 449 pounds. now, 147 pounds. a before picture of yolanda marshall, 29 2 pounds. down to 146 pounds. >> she get a face transplant? it doesn't even look like her. >> one of the things that was striking to me about this issue, a lot of these women listed one
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of their means of losing weight as zumba. >> what is zumba? >> here's a video of some zumba dancers straight from the website. you can take a look at how much fun this is. for the first time, zumba is listed as one of the top ten fitness methods for people. >> it requires that you wear high-tops with fluorescent laces? it seems to be the thing. >> you can wear whatever you want to. if you feel like you can move bet anywhere fluorescent high-top high-tops, go for it. why do you think this has grown into such a huge craze? >> it's so fun. during the hour class, you don't even think that you're toning and losing weight or anything. you think, wow, i love this. i love to move. >> do dudes actually do zumba? >> there actually are a lot of guys who zumba. it may not be as popular for guys as the females, but guys
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definitely do it. so you should give it a try. >> explain to me what it is. >> zumba kind of is a fusion of just cardioworkouts and different styles of latin dance. during the chance you'll hear some salsa, meringe. raeggaton. and a fitness workout. >> if i have problem areas, does zumba zoom in on those problem areas? >> if you like to do all it kind of secretly incorporates the ab workouts. you're not getting on the floor and doing pushups or anything. you're standing and dancing and the different moves specifically target those areas that makes it fun. next time on "right this minute" -- >> wow. >> that's not easy. >> would that be considered traveling. >> the big mission behind his trick shot. that's next time on "right this minute."
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♪ ♪ >> i know you love to dance. >> dance clubs. >> that's right. >> steven is giving me a dance lesson -- sort of. and a shipping container for a house? >> that's kind of cool. >> we'll show it to you and tell you how much it costs. ♪ than the ball dropping.
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>> yeah. >> just a little. ♪ ♪
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max zorn has made art using tape. and it's pretty incredible. ♪ ♪ >> you see him using plexiglass and light. he's got a scalpel and he's making artwork using layers of tape. >> wait, that's tape? >> that's tape. that is brown packing tape. >> you can see where the tape overlaps and it creates those lines, too. >> so he's just making the darker shades with thicker layers of tape? >> uh-huh. yeah, if you look here, he cut out somebody's profile, half of their face, then he adds another layer where he's going to add more shading. >> tape and a skap pell, and he's able to create that kind of detail, that kind of shadowing, those kinds of facial features? that's amazing. >> it takes a genius to be able to pull something like this off. >> this isn't something he invented. he said that his friends work on cars, and he would see them laying stuff out on plexiglass and drawing these lines, because
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they design cars. he thought, wait a minute, i should try that with art. so he did. i think when you're really creative person, everything can be a canvas. beth, i know you love to dance. and i know your favorite move is the call. >> that's how i dance at the club. >> you might need a lesson or two, judged by this. >> what are you saying? >> here's a free one. ♪ ♪ >> i can do this, steven. i taught this guy how to do that. >> you did? >> i did, yeah. i didn't ever hold the two wine bottles. >> so you are skilled in the dance that is part convulsions, part dub step and part "lord of the dance"? because i think that's what this video is. it definitely looks like he's having a medical problem. >> my favorite is the kick out, you just keep kicking. he doesn't bring it back down.
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he just keeps putting it out. >> these are moves i've never seen before and i think that the next time you hit the club, because i know you love going to the club -- you maybe pull out some of these awesome moves. what are some cool things grandmas do? >> bake. knit you blankets or quilt blankets for you. >> make the best desserts. >> my grandma made me a quilt for christmas. >> meet grandma mary, she's 73 and the groovingest grandma, ever. >> what song is she playing? >> "need your love so bad" which is covered by fleetwood mac. >> wow. granny playing a fleetwood mac song. >> this video is old, but it is just now trending on youtube and you can see why. grandma mary is playing her guitar all over singapore. which is where she lives. she has different charities and has her own album. it's called "latin rock" and she
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covers songs like "black magic woman." >> she's like a grandma b.b. king. >> b.b. king and carlos santana are her biggest inspirations. >> this is going to be great for her fingers and her joints. as you age, you start getting r. >> she's 73 years old, only started playing the guitar when she turned 60. and she said that it's helped her joint issues. >> this is an inspiration for me. i've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. i thought i'm too old to learn anything like that. but this is a grandma doing it. >> steven, you're never too old, never too old to pick up a new skill. >> now i know, i like that she took the plastic off her couch for this video, too. >> so important. three children trapped in a car. beneath the surface of an icy river. >> the car was submerged for about a minute. >> hear how brave bystanders pulled off an amazing rescue that will give you chills.
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>> a lot of manpower. they love flour. their mom shot the video and now she's taking on all the haters. >> these are kids. it's ridiculous. >> hear what can happen if you put your kids' video online.
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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman and it's time for more "right this minute." they were fighting in philly. >> this year's mummers parade turned into a bummer. >> what turned the celebration into a full-on street brawl. children are trapped in a wrecked car in icy water. >> remember thinking for seconds that this is going to be pretty cold. >> meet the guy who shot out a window and helped save three lives. a video of kids acting out had critics calling out the mom. now, mom's firing back at the haters. >> these are kids. it's ridiculous. >> and a video to make you go --
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yee haw! but did the driver shatter a record, some bones or both? time to get the second half of our show going and steven, you have a story to get us started. >> the mummers parade is an annual tradition in philadelphia on new year's day. this is what it normally looks like. different groups of grown men and women dressed up in these kind of funky, almost clown-like outfits. bourbon street in new orleans. >> it looks like that. christian? >> what's a mummer? >> these people you're seeing are in fact mummers. it's a city-sponsored event. the mummers parade, it's been going on since 1901. but this year's mummers parade, i hate to say, turned into a bummer. >> a bummer mummer? >> yeah. >> wah-wah. >> watch this, you're seeing
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video sent to fox 29 in philly. >> whoa! >> before you know it, an all-out fight breaks out and you see some mummers, men and women, in these pink frilly clown-like outfits in a full-on brawl. swinging hay headline makers at other people who were there just enjoying the parade. >> the guy has a choke-hold on that other guy. >> how can you take one of these guys seriously as a potential fighter? you're wearing a pink dress, dude. >> take them real seriously once a catch a right hook from the dude it doesn't matter what he's wearing. >> as the video goes on, you'll see there's a little barricade that's holding another large group of people back. >> they eventually toppled over, and a bunch of people hit the street and the fight just continues from here. you can drink at this event? >> bingo. >> earlier in the day. this is a parade that's for kids. and families come out. it's a shame that as the night goes on and the drinking
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continues, stuff like this happens. the car was driving down highway 89, and braked to avoid another accident that had happened. it slid down a ten-foot embankment into the logan river. but was upside-down. the driver was 46-year-old roger anderson. his 4-year-old son was in the car, his 9-year-old daughter, also in the car and another 9-year-old girl. now roger anderson, the driver, escaped from the car. but the children did not. the car was submerged for about a minute. passers-by, bystanders all jumped in the water to help. they found one 9-year-old girl who had found an air pocket. the other 9-year-old was in the front seat of the car and floating. and lifeless. the 4-year-old was upside-down in his car seat, also not breathing. they all got these children out
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of the car, they are all expected to be okay. >> wow. >> "right this minute" we have one of the heros from the story, we have chris wilson via skype. >> first of all, tell me how you came upon the scene? >> we headed down the canyon to go to a store in logan, that's when we stumbled across the accident. i remember thinking this is going to be pretty cold. but once i got in the water, i don't remember being cold. i started feeling around for the windows, all the windows were up, i tried the doors and the doors were locked and that's when i pulled out my handgun and shot through the window. >> were you concerned about obviously hitting the children in. >> yes. it was a concern. i pushed my handgun and pushed it to the bottom of the river. so i knew the bullet would lodge into the roof of the vehicle or the river bed. >> how soon were there other people there helping you? >> it was maybe about 45 seconds or so. >> how did you guys manage to physically get the car turned over? >> a lot of manpower. six or eight other men, we
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started pushing up on the side of the vehicle and lifted it up out of the river. >> have you heard at all from the family? >> i have received one phone all. the father of the other young lady that we pulled out of the vehicle, he left me a voicemail saying was very appreciative. >> this happened on new year's eve, about 12:30 in the afternoon in logan, utah. i don't know if you remember of the video of the motorcycle that crashed into the car and all of these bystanders came to rescue the motorcycle driver? >> this past summer, yeah. >> it happened in about september, same community. it also happened in logan, utah, there are lots of heroes in this area. what do you do if you're going to school full-time, you're the mother of one, and you don't want to pay rent? well, you turn a shipping container into your home. hmm? >> huh? >> i had to move out of the house i was living in. it was a friend who just said, why don't you build something. and it sounded like a great
4:32 pm
idea. >> that's what lulu did. this company caught up with her and asked her how she created a home for herself and her daughter out of a shipping container. >> is that legal? >> sure. it's becoming more and more popular. you can get a shipping container for $1500. >> this is it, there's not much more. >> how inhabitable are these containers, though? >> they are inhabitable. in total she spent $4,000 retro fitting this to be suitable and livable for herself and her daughter. she's got a sink, flooring, insulation. >> i decided to build this. >> and she's hoping to build a greenhouse to connect them. she said going from bedroom to the living room kitchen area, it's a little cold in the winter. >> i think i've calculated like i have 360 square feet. i think counting it all. >> she does have the ability to heat water and get running water. >> was that one of those instant hot water heater things? >> uh-huh she doesn't have all the upkeep that somebody would have with a regular house. the most of the stuff that she
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uses is resickled. >> what is her situation that she has to live here? >> she's a full-time student. didn't want to pay rent. she feels like she can spend more time with her daughter. >> do you like your room? >> no, because i can't sit up or stand up. >> i think it's fair that she doesn't like it. at times she's been like -- this totally sucks and i don't know how to do this. and at other times she's really poud and shows it off. >> it's fair to the little girl, she didn't have a choice. is that fair to kids if mom stays home and they don't get all the stuff they want? it's a child, the child is not deprived, it's eating, it's fine. >> our first reaction is like, huh, a shipping container? but in reality, it's kind of cool. how do you take out 11 cars in zero time? >> car bomb? >> a good guess. pay close attention to this suv here in the center of the screen.
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trying to find a parking spot. finally the driver spots a spot and goes for it. totally normal. when out of the blue, the same suv -- whoa, completely speeds out. reverses and smashes into a car across the way and then puts it into forward and smashes into the car in front her and into the cars on the other side. this happened in monticello, indiana, according to their police department, there will be no charges, they are considering this an accident. the driver was 64-year-old ruth ames and the crash report says she lost control of the car. >> you think? >> she said the car basically did this all on itself based on what she said. one witness who rushed to where she finally ended up noticed that she did have a cast on her leg. >> which leg? >> on her right leg? >> right leg. >> right foot. >> okay. so, okay, so mrs. ames has a cast object her right foot.
4:35 pm
has no tactile feel in her foot. so when she mashes the gas, am i pushing the gas? brrrrr. >> it's an accident. >> yes, it is an accident. but she shouldn't have been driving if she has a cast on her foot. >> this changes the entire story. who, who drives a car with a cast on your right foot? >> i think your theory is probably correct. we've got a movie trailer that's simply -- >> legendary. >> lepicdary. >> see the stunt, coming up. and the tributes for the late steve jobs just keep coming. >> this is the latest one. >> see the new way you can remember the iconic figure.
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you know when i got all excited, and i've got a big smile that i'm about to show you something with wheels. travis is a motocro rer andde c. this video is lepicdary. >> lepicdary? >> yes, legendary and epic. >> whoa. that is gross. >> what? i can't not see that again. >> these guys of course are known for some of their awesome stunts on motorcycles, monster trucks, cars, all kinds of things. >> whoa.
4:39 pm
>> where did they end up? >> slide off the building. >> like a base jumping, except he was launched. >> it looks like we're watching like dash cam video of like accidents, and crash scenes, except they're doing this on purpose. >> i feel like it's dash cam video of -- stock car race mixed with "jack ass." >> you say it like it's a bad thing. >> but they're wearing helmets. >> you sit here and wait. >> whoa, that one is not so bad. i would do that. >> do you see why this puts such a smile on my face? how could you have anything bad to say about this lepicdary action? >> i just want to say -- please, people, do not try this at home. >> i can't wait! it's going to be the movie of the summer. >> i got a calf cramp. >> you landed on your face and you got a calf cramp? >> i feel lying you would come out of that movie injured. rover, time to look back at
4:40 pm
the cool christmas present-opening videos you made. so let's go back in time. way back to christmas 2011. >> oh. >> how could you remember that? >> barely remember. little max on christmas morning. little puppy doc py present. he gets excited about the tissue paper for a while. >> they didn't need to buy him a present, he can just play with the bag. >> someone with opposable thumbs needs to get in on this. >> i think that's what happens. >> it looks like max got a little holiday toy set. >> they didn't open it for him. >> max is a crafty one. he's one of those kids when they get the gift on christmas morning, they want to take it out of the box right now. max got a number one holiday gift 2011, the monkey in a tiger onesie. >> is that a monkey in a tiger onesie? or is that a tiger with a monkey
4:41 pm
mask? >> i think it might be a tiger with a monkey mask. this is the latest parent recording their child doing something funny video to go viral. mom is playing a little prank on her 6-year-old twins, one is a white sox fan, one is a cubs fan. >> this is a cubs pillow pet. isn't that what you wanted? >> she got the cubs pillow pet and is really a diehard white sox fan. and is upset about it. >> go ahead, open it. >> yes! >> isn't that what you wanted? >> now she's is happening and hugging her pillow pet. >> it's a funny prank. >> very funny. >> now, believe it or not, this mom has received all kinds of comments based on this video and a lot of them, not so nice. >> there were a lot of comments calling the kids -- different racial slurs. different cuss words. swearing at the kids.
4:42 pm
wishing physical abuse on the children. even if your opinion is that she acted like a spoiled brat, there's no way that her reaction is any worse than comments by some of these adults. >> do you guys remember this video? >> oh, yes. oh boy. >> the mom was feeling a little ill after coming home from shopping. spent a little time in the bathroom. when she came out of the bathroom, this had happened. >> this is awesome. >> 4-year-old zach and 2-year-old andrew grabbed a five-pound bag of flour and just went to town. >> the best part of it was mom's attitude about it, like it was a big mess and a headache for her to clean up. but the fact that she put the video up and called it an avalanche, i loved it. >> she's been getting a lot of flack from people who have watched this video. >> when you put yourself out there and you upload a video, whether it be of yourself or your kids, you are leaving yourself open for criticism.
4:43 pm
you have to expect that. >> we have mom, mary, "right this minute" via skype to talk to us about this. mary, what kind of comments did you receive once this video started getting so many views? >> some of them were positive, but i would say a good 60% were more than offensive. anything from, you know, attention whore, to pornography remarks. these are little kids. it's ridiculous. >> what? four videos, one, two, three, four. funny? yes. but up next we're asking -- real or fake? and starting the new year out with a cold one. >> that's going to be cold and it's going to be painful. >> see what happens when he tests the waterãgagagagagagac0c0
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steve jobs died just a few months ago and tributes started rolling out the minute the news hit the airwaves. this is the latest one. it is the steve jobs action figure, complete with the trademark mock turtleneck and the jeans and tennis shoes he used to wear. it's 12 inches but it looks just like him. you can own him for $100. >> i thought you were showing me
4:47 pm
the picture of steve jobs, and i thought, show me the action video. but this is it. >> he's shown with the iphone and the ipad. but he doesn't come with either of those. but can you buy them with a two-year contract. >> do they work? >> a little mini working iphone? i would use that. >> it was created by a couple of companies. it's not clear whether they are authorized to release this action figure, which is expected to release in february. so there's going to be a little bit of question on whether the apple family will take legal action to prevent this from hitting the stores. >> that company, dragon and dreams, has previously released unauthorized action figures of president barack obama. >> isn't it a little creepy, though? >> what would be creepy, christian, is if you wake up in the morning and your steve jobs action figure is sitting on top of your iphone and your iphone pass code is changed. >> or updated. saying you would be the first paetsch to have the iphone 5.
4:48 pm
>> would you chthank the steve jobs action figure. matt dreidel from e-bomb. >> it's max, welcome back to the show, mac dreidel. >> return to the mack, right here. >> cool neck tattoo. >> my new year's resolution would be to get a new tattoo every year. >> we've got a weird wedding photography fail. >> let's check this video out, "right this minute." >> oh. >> totally true. >> true, i've done that. >> the dude is walking backwards. >> her face is a little odd. i'm going fake on this one. >> no, this happens to photographers all the time. >> it was such an unspectacular fail, it had to be real. >> all right, the next video? foreigners who never used an escalator.
4:49 pm
oh now. the hand rail isn't moving, it's supposed to be moving. >> what's going on, mac? >> it's the "weekend at bernie's"? you remember that one? >> yes, that was just starting to catch on in uzbekistan at the time, this one is real. >> you've got to love the surveillance cam person who put this together. man falls in sinkhole. >> you all remember the crazy sinkhole video from guatemala from last year, it was a photo? this footage just surfaced. >> totally fake. >> none of these people are moving -- they're moving like ghosts on pacman. they're just floating around. >> fake, fake. >> it's a fake. >> last one, cars can fly now? >> it can fly with a couple of fans. >> what? whoa. >> no. hold on a second, it's real.
4:50 pm
>> it's like a remote-controlled balloon model of this car. >> smart guy over here. >> is this like the hindenberg of nissan cars? >> the name of the company, gear factor, they have a website and they make balloons that look like cars. >> mac, as always, you bring us really entertaining videos. >> it was a good time. >> so i was sitting here thinking that was a lick-and-stick tattoo. is that real? >> this is real, this is real. the next one will be real, too. >> wait, wait. fake, fake! okay, the holidays are over. it's time to shake it off and get back to work. please! >> here's what we need you to do. get on over to >> please! >> and watch as many videos as you can and just enjoy yourself -- please! >> yes, please! >> and now, back to the show. thank you.
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strap on your mulletts for some bone-jarring fun. >> whoa, that's amazing! and got five minutes? then you, too, can be a globetrotter.
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your ipad, your iphone, just like you would your xbox. >> all i've got to say before you see this video is yee haw! >> i was told that no mulletts were harmed in the making of this video. >> whoa, that's a compactor sign. >> that, my friends, is what they're calling the highest jump. >> the driver's name was scottie. the truck got 25 feet in the air. and nick, yes. he broke his back when he landed. had to undergo surgery. now has two titanium rods and eight screws in his back from this jump. >> is did they tighten the one that is in his head when they
4:56 pm
did it. >> this truck is not a new truck, speeding through the snow, down across the field. it looked like he jumped over a pile of sticks. >> it's like a very crudely-made platform. >> you notice his bumper falls off when he lands. and this video has been around for a while. but it's trending again. >> i'll tell you what, he had some hang time there for sure. now poor scottie has the titanium rod to show for it. >> a legend of scottie and the highest truck jump ever in this guy's back yard live on for years and years. happy new year as they say in sweden -- [ speaking foreign language ] one guy in sweden decided he was going to do something a little crazy, a little fun to celebrate new year by -- jumping into an icy lake. >> i'm going to call him carl. i don't know his name.
4:57 pm
>> a swedish name. >> karl with a "k" is testing the water. he puts his foot out there to show you it's solid. i'm thinking it's cold in sweden this time of year. >> ooh! >> that's far beyond just being cold. that's going to be cold and it's going to be painful. >> yeah, but look at him, he keeps walking through, breaking it. he uses his hands to like remove it. >> why is he doing this? >> to say happy new year, apparently. >> it looks like shards of glass. >> it does. >> my feet are aching watching him do this. >> this is like the most torture you could do to yourself. because -- you're going to jump in a cold, you want to go in, the whole way. >> fast. >> you want to do it quick like ripping off a band aid. >> speaking of going in the whole way -- >> notice how he didn't stay in very long? >> he was in there long enough. >> don't you feel like a little let down that he only just dipped his whole body in and
4:58 pm
came right 0-. he didn't stay in and wade around a little. if you're going to do that, make something out of it, show that you're a real man, karl! before we wrap things up today, i want to take you around the world in less than five minutes, this is an awesome time-lapse photography video taken over 343 days in 17 countries, there are 6,237 photographs. in this video. >> the photographer had a heck of a trip. >> people can go to our website,, if they want to see the entire video. we'll leave with you more of the video. that's it for our show, thank you so much for joining us and we'll see you next time. you so much for joining us and we'll see you next time. have a great day, everybody! -- captions by vitac --
4:59 pm
>> big hassle for people as a big water main break forced some schools to close. if you got an email from american airlines, you may want to read it over carefully. and the city is celebrating the ravens. they are showing off purple pride. snow flurries and temperatures falling in our area. baltimore cities a issued a code blue, which means city shelters willextended hours. winter is showing itself, snow showers, enough to briefly coat the grass, some of the


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